Things you will need for a movie night

A movie night it a great way to spend time with your friends. It’s also a great alternative to planning something like a party to celebrate a special milestone in your life like your 16th birthday. Instead of a party you can have a movie night where you and a few of your closest friends enjoy some quality bonding time over snacks and your favourite movies. If you are planning a movie night with your friends there are number of things that you will need.


Getting a good movie


Obviously the most important thing about movie night is to have a good movie. You can even pick a trilogy or a series of movies and have a movie marathon. Ask your friends what type of movies they would like to watch so that you can find something a majority of the people will enjoy. If not you can even get one of your favourite movies since it’s your special occasion. You can rent a good movie from your local video store or download them from the internet. There are websites that allow you to ‘rent’ movies online for a small fee. Both of these options would be cheaper than buying the movie for yourself.


Wearing comfy clothes


One of the best thing about movie nights is staying at home with people you can feel at ease with. Therefore there is no reason why you shouldn’t also slip into clothes that are really comfortable like a really comfy pair of PJs. Your friends can also bring clothes they feel comfortable in and wear them for the event. This is a reason why movie nights of this nature might be preferable to a party when celebrating a special occasion like your birthday. People can take a break from the uncomfortable and restraining party clothes and wear something they feel relaxed in.


Getting the right snacks


One of the best things about movie night is the food. Therefore get a large variety of snacks that everyone will love. Pop corn is a movie night staple. You can get this in a variety of flavours. Other snacks that you can opt for include chocolate and fries or something of the cheesy variety. It’s also great to bond over snacks.


Different people might have different snack preferences. Therefore you can ask them what they would like to have beforehand. This is another reason that a movie night is better than a formal party to celebrate big events. You won’t have to bother about things like menus and caterers.

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