How to become a successful journalist

Journalism is a very interesting line of work. If you are passionate in writing and social justice, journalism might be a really good career option for you. If you would like to become a good journalist we have made a list of some of the things you can do to find success in this field. However in addition to these steps you also have to be able to withstand a lot of pressure because journalism can also be very competitive.


Create a network of contacts


Your contacts are a very important part of your success. They will be the people who tell you when something is amiss and needs to be reported. If you find out about something that needs reporting you can also use your contacts to double check and verify your information. The wider your network of contacts is, the more successful you can be as a journalist.


Build a foundation of trust


You have to build a foundation of trust with your contacts as well as your readers. If your contacts don’t trust you they won’t tell you information that might put them in danger. Therefore you have to always protect your sources and make sure they remain anonymous if they wish for it to be so. Sometimes the stories you report might put people in danger or cause people to lose their jobs so you have to have an understanding of the repercussions of your reporting as you do it.


Your readers also have to trust you and trust that you have done the necessary research to find the right facts. They have to have faith in the accuracy of your work. Therefore you have to build a reputation of someone with integrity in order to grow your readership.


Be the first to expose a story


The best journalists are the ones who can break a story before anyone else. Breaking a story means someone who will be the first person to release a story that will become breaking news. If you are the first person to reveal a story you won’t be able to find any material for your stories online. It would require you to do a lot of research and interviews to get the facts you need. Sometimes the story might be on some sensitive subject matter that the relevant parties would not want made public. However if you think the matter is of public interest and people should know about it you have an obligation to report it. In such an instance you will have to use methods of investigative journalism to find the information you need.

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