Consider making home movies for the best memories

Making home movies is a really magical way of preserving memories of fun things you do with your family. These movies can be of various things that happen in your life on daily basis, or documentation of various special occasions like opening presents on Christmas morning.


On the other hand you can also make home movies that are literally like movies made at home. You can write the plots and wear costumes and get your party to part take in the madness. Even if your movies is not your best work it will be a fun memory of a time when everyone you were close to was happy and smiling and indulging in a little silliness.


Having a good story


The first step to making a good home movies is to have a great story for the movie. You can come up with something yourself.  You can make it funny or scary depending on the type of movie you would like to make. You can also adopt stories or characters from other TV shows or books that you enjoy. It’s great because there is no limit to the things you can do when picking the story you are gong to make. You can pick a story with a lot of scenes that are fun to shoot such as sword fights between characters.


Casting the characters.


You can give your family members various roles in your movies. Since this is a project meant for everyone to enjoy you can ask them what characters they would like to play. Be open minded and don’t deny anyone who might want to play a role for which their physical attributes might not be ideal. The main point is that everyone would have fun.


If you are writing the movie you can also base your characters on your real life family members as well. However if this is meant to be taken as satire, make sure that your family members don’t get offended by it first.


Creating the costumes


One of the best parts about making your own movies at home will be the creation of the costume. You can have fun with this and create outrageous costumes for you and your friends to wear. You can use old clothes that you no longer need for this purpose as well. There are many ‘how to’ tutorials that you can find online.


The creation of the costumes can be another thing you and your friends do together and it can also be a very good bonding experience for you as well.


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